Buccara Africa

Conservation-based Safari Hunting

A safari hunt of a lifetime awaits you on 12,000 hectares (27,000 acres)* with no internal fences allowing for free roaming and fair-chase pursuit.
Experience safari hunting on foot, the way it’s been done for centuries, and enjoy the great and healthy outdoors the way it was intended.

* Plus access to additional 30,000 hectares (74,000 acres) single area.


Hunting Outfitter & Operations Director South Africa


Ecologist, South Africa


Administration & Events

Hennie Thiart

Farm Manager, South Africa

Limited safaris are available annually.

Wildlife conservation forms the nucleus of our operations on the Buccara Wildlife Reserve Karoo. Our annual hunting quota is calculated scientifically every season by doing an aerial wildlife census to determine the annual population growth or decline. This together with constant monitoring, herd management to avoid inbreeding, and ecological studies of our grazing capacity by qualified staff and consultants throughout the year, enables us to establish a sustainable hunting quota to be marketed each year.

Off-road vehicles and SUVs are used primarily to travel to and from individual hunting grounds fast and efficiently.

Before heading out, we recommend checking out our shooting range and practise facilities, using some of the best quality rifles and scopes available on the market.

Your success on the hunt is the beginning of an ecological respect for the wildlife, and rest assured that every single piece of the carcass is processed and utilized. Starting from the exportable trophy and  bi-products that we ship to you, and ending at the hooves that get processed into pet chews, we ensure nothing is wasted. The fresh meat is served in our lodge or sold to regional butchers, and the generated income is invested back into our exemplary and award-winning Conservation and Wildlife Management programmes.